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Welcome to Glide
Glide's non conductive formula is the most effective and safest lubricant on earth! Glide is the next generation in lubricants. This revolutionary formula works on ALL METALS including BRASS, ALUMINUM, COPPER and BRONZE. Glide is also safe for all PLASTICS, RUBBER and WOOD. Glide's highly advanced formula displaces water and lays down a long-lasting barrier against rust and corrosion. Glide meets NSF 
standards for use around food.
Glide was designed for Industrial use...
yet safe in the home

 Non Conductive Formula
 Safe Around Food (NSF) approved
 Stops Squeaks
 Protects Surfaces
​• Fights Corrosion
 Repels Dust
 No Static Charge
 Prevents Rust
 Safe On Wood, Metal, Plastics & Wood
 Loosens Rusted Parts
 Safe Around Pets
Safe Around Food
Glide Triple Play the Safe Green Choice
Glide has no VOCs and doesn't contribute to global 
warming-even our aerosol uses nitrogen propellant! 
Make the choice to go green and safe... Choose Glide!